Monash Branch Gathering 31st Week





모나시 브랜치 31주차 소식입니다.

리턴18명 새가족 1명 , 총 19명이 예배에 참석하였습니다.

오늘은 부활절의 의미를 토대로 복음을 전해주었습니다.


Monash Branch 31th week news

return members 18 and new family 1, total 18 members joined the service

We shared Gospel based on meaning of Easter

















































Most memorable from message is that although we are sinners, 

but still we can be forgiven for our sins and become children of God. 

She really wants to continuously give thanksgiving.





 He learnt about the true meaning of Easter which he never knew before. 

He also realised that his faith is very little, so he wants to grow more and to pray more.





Even though she is quite new, she is really focused on watching the drama and listen to the

message. She can correctly describe the whole drama to us in detail.

And she also shared a prayer answer to us. She shared that last week she spent too much time

on phone gaming, and suddenly her phone didn’t work, and she realised that maybe God not

pleased with her so let her phone died. She brought her phone to some phone repair shop,

but at the end of day, her phone still couldn’t be fixed. She felt really upset and worried since

she could not use phone, so from that night she started praying to God and seeked God’s help. 

Just before the branch started, her phone is fixed and she could come to our branch.





He shared he is touched by the drama that human is carrying the burden of money and many

other things and Jesus came and took over of these burden from human to himself. 

He felt like even though he already accepted Jesus, sometimes he still carries many burden

by himself, yesterday he said that he started to lift all of his burden to Jesus and felt easy now. 












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