Monash University Branch Gathering 33rd week






모나시 브랜치 33주차 소식입니다!!

새롭게 모나시 브랜치 팀 한준수가 리포트를 잡게 되었는데요 !

날로 더 생생해지는 모나치 캠퍼스 브랜치 소식을 전해드리겠습니다!


이번주는 리턴멤버 16명 새가족 2명 총 18명이 예배에 참석했습니다.


monash branch 33th week news

This is Jason who is a new reporter in monash branch team !

i'll report news of monash campus branch more vividly!


return members 16 and new family 2, total 18 members joined the service







저희 가족중 nyx 이라는 친구인데 얼굴을 가리면서 까지 너무 즐겁게 웃고 있네요 !

he is nyx who is one of our family . he is laughing funny with hiding his face !









사진을 정말 프로처럼 찍는 우리 가족 yuhang 입니다!!

기도하는 우리 yuhang 사진작가님!!

He is yuhang who can take a photo as professional photographer

Our family's photographer Yuhang is praying !!







기도하는 Roy를 보고계십니다!!

You are looking our family ROY who is praying!







이분은 Neal입니다!!

This is Neal!!!







Nyx의 재등장!! 그리고 IVY !!

this is Nyx again and IVY !!







찬양을 드리는 시간도 가졌구요 !! 은혜로운 시간이었습니다


We had praise & worship time !! It was graceful time.







함께 가장 중요한 복음 메시지도 들었구요

We listened most important gospel message







함께하는 저녁시간~!

Dinner time ~!!







식사가 너무 맛있어서 우리 Jason 벌써 바닥을 보였습니다....

Meal is so delicious. So our family jason 's plate is already







식사중에 서로 교제하는 시간도 가졌습니다.

While they have dinner, They build up relationship 







배부르게 먹었으니 이제 함께 포즈도 한장  ~~

맞습니다.. 우리의 자랑스런 Johnny 입니다


After we were full , we posed ~~

Yeah right... He is our proud Johnny 







복음 메시지를 듣고 있는 Andre !!

This is Andre who is listening gospel message !!







함께 안으며 기도하는 가족들 ! 너무 은혜로운것 같습니다.

기도 후에 어깨와 허리 통증이 조금 있긴했지만요 ㅎㅎ


there is our family who are praying ! it is so graceful

After praying they appeal to pain for back and shoulder  haha




Feedback about members 





 he also receive his pray answers.

 He received a relatively formal and major-related job with a good salary.

He asks what is sin.

He asked how we define sin.

We didn’t really answer him and encouraged him to go back to Bible

and keep listening message to find out what sin is.

 He finally shared that, in order to know what sin is,

firstly he needed to listen to God’s words then gradually he would able to determine sin.





He thought we are just all sinners

 but actually we not only carry our own sin but also have sin that

adam and eve committed.




Since he graduates last week,

so I asked him what he enjoy most and why does he keep coming,

 he said he felt like we are family and really like our group gathering,

 and he keeps coming because he wants to see us.

He shared that the sin that he can think about is that before he can always do morning prayer,

but now become less, and he want to restore the morning prayer.




He got the prayer answer of his business law exam, last time he attended the exam

but the questions is quite hard and he

 never seen before, however, school found that they had problem in giving those question so decided to

let the students re-take the exam again with new questions.

And he did really well in the exam with mark of 87. 
He shared that he spend more time on gaming and sleep late,

he wants to restrict himself. He like to join our evangelism,

 but he need to graduate 12 weeks first,

so we can pray that he can keep coming

and he can have a desire and burning heart to save souls.





She shared in the dinner time that she felt her life been totally change after she came to church,

her life is better than before,

she is quite happy that she can receive prayer answers in her life.
She shared that although she received prayer answer from God

she wants to praise God and glorify God more. 
She is now experiencing God.





She shared that the sin that she can think of is that she likes to delay doing thing

and finish her thing later

and she wants to change. 






After listening to the gospel message,

Ivy said that she doesn’t really have the opportunity to share the gospel to her friends and relatives.

She said that when it’s to people she knows,

she feels awkward and difficult to talk about her faith.

In China, her relatives have a negative perspect





Feedback about receiving certificate



He was so happy to receive certificate

and he shared that he had been to other church, planet shakers,

and it was like a club.

People go to church for the music and making friends.

 But our branch has a message that continuously gives him

knowledge about Jesus and make his faith grow.

 And he likes sharing time which we can share deep things we cannot

share with other friends in the life.




After he received certificate,

he took a photo and send it to his girl friends and parents(they are faithful).

 His dad was so happy for him and Sean was happy as well.

 He said that we are so genuine.

More than half of year is already passed,

 people around him is changing but we are still same.

 Sharing message, having sharing time, sharing prayer topics and

continuous text message

and call which reminded him about branch gathering that he received from us actually touched

his heart.

And he said ‘Thank you so much’








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