Monash University Branch Gathering 34th week




안녕하세요! 이번주도 월요일 6시에 모나시 코필드에서

은혜로운 브랜치 예배가 있었는데요!

그 현장을 지금 전해드리겠습니다 !!! 


hello !! there was a graceful monash branch service

at 6pm on this monday in caulfield !

i'm reporting now !


이번주는 리턴멤버 15명 새가족 2명 총 17명이 예배에 참석했습니다.

return members 15 and new family 2, total 17 members joined the service


















Feedback about members 




He shared about the mental problem occurred in his family.  

he shared general stuffs such as how asian people reacts or accepts towards the mental

illnesses. But when he shared the prayer topics, we encouraged him to experience prayer

answers and he reacted like ‘how can I get closer to God?’ I was surprised that he knew

the purpose of receiving prayer answer. I told him through listening more about God and

prayer, we can get closer to God.





Christi shared that when she was young she was sick very often and has asthma problems,

but after believing in Jesus together with her mum in high school she became healthier

and was sick less often. When she was suffering because of whatever illness she was

suffering, she would pray about it. She also shared that although she started going to

church quite early and was solved of her spiritual problem, she didn’t do anything related

to faith life but instead has been very lazy, and has put God aside in her life. She wants

to repent for this.  





Murp shared that in the past she suffered serious back pain because from birth she had a

fracture in her back and she was put into the emergency box when she was born.

We encouraged her to pray that she will not suffer from anymore back pain which may

impact her daily life. 
She also shared about spiritual problem. Murp shared that before coming to branch

she really respected those who belived in God and have faithlife because she could see

that they have someone to depend on. For her personally, she is someone who has no

perseverance in anything she does and she loses interest in things very quickly.

But for some really, she is naturally drawn to our branch, and when she comes she feels

like she belongs here. Before branch on Monday she felt very tired, and her friends told her

to take a branch from branch, but she still really had a desire to come join us.





Iv said that when she came to Sunday service for the first time, because the entire service

was too long and tiring, she just wanted to stay home to sleep and watch tv.

But because Kailun came to pick up her up she just came anyways. But now she realised

that just like how we cannot solve our own spiritual problem, in the same way in our own

power we cannot do anything in life. She really tries and strives to wake up early to start the

day, but she cannot. When she prays about it, God always helps her to get up early,

even if it is in weird ways.





Stel said in her more rebellious days she was far away from God and only called to him

when she needed help. But after coming to Melbourne she feels like she is embracing him

more. She does feel that there are many interferences in her faith life and she doesn’t really

know what Gods will is, but she wants to grow spiritually, step by step.





He shared that the he has metal problems, this is the first time that he revealed his

depression problems. Sometimes he felt his life is just meaningless. After he came to

Australia, his depression problem has became even more serious because there are so

many things and problems he need to face. However, he shared that while the problems is

becoming bigger, his relationship with God is becoming closer. Although sometimes he not

seeking God, but God always come to seek him and pick him up.





She shared that the problem that she has is that she is living a self-centre life. Before,

she always lives for herself, she even shared that idol that she is worshiping is herself.

However, the time she began to doubt her self-centre life is when she heard the message

that ‘we should no longer live for ourselves but live for God’, before she like to play game

on phone because she likes to, but after hearing the message, she starts to feel is

meaningless to play game. In addition, from yesterday’s message, people who sin against

God and worshiping Idol the curse would pass to thousand generation. So she want to

change her self-centre life.




멤버들을 위해 모두가 기도 제목을 공유하고 기도하면서 영적 전쟁 했던 브랜치 현장 이었는데요!!

우리 모두가 하나님께서 코필드 땅의 모나시 학생들에게

복음을 듣게 하심을 믿고 나아갈 수 있었습니다.

그럼 다음 주에 또 뵐께요 !^^


we shared prayer topic and prayed for members. we fought in spiritual war

we believe that God has a plan to use us

as share gospel to students in Monash







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