Monash University Branch Gathering 35th week






여러분 !! 안녕하세요 ! 지난 월요일 모나시 코필드 캠퍼스에

또 다시 특별한 예배가 열렸었습니다.

모나시 브랜치의 가족들이 함께 모여 하나님을 찬양하고

예수님에 대한 메세지를 들었는데요 .

항상 매번 예배 때마다 하나님께서 주시는 은혜들이 놀라운 것 같습니다...ㅎㅎ

지금 그 은혜들을 조금 나누고자 합니다.


이번주는 리턴멤버 17(!)명 새가족 6(!!)명 총 23(!!!)명이 예배에 참석했습니다.

return members 17(!) and new family 6(!!), total 23(!!!) members joined the service























Feedback about members



Murp shared about blessing of prayer answer, as since believing in Jesus she had

received specific prayer answer about job, and recently she had a small prayer

request and she also received answer. Now she has more confidence, and she is

 able to believe more and feels safer.




Christi shared about blessing of prayer answer and that sometimes she hopes for God

to respond, and although she is not able to receive prayer answer immediately,

but still she does have assurance that there will definitely be a good result. Despite

the fact that sometimes we can’t get what we want, but in Gods point of view he

plans something good. Although she may face many things, but she is still very

thankful for blessings.





Yuha shared about blessing of Holy Spirit blessing. Before he had no heart to

believe and was scarred, but now he believes in God and desires to know him more,

and receives more help.





She shared that the most impressive point for her is the
holy spirit dwelling and the help of Angel. She said after inviting Jesus into her heart,

she can start to release the things that God is not pleased with.

Also, she starts to know that the enemy is not the person, rather, is the Satan that

controls the person.  She felts like sometimes she is controlled by Satan when talk to

her mum, because she don’t has much patient when talking to her mum.
After the message, she shared that she really wants to experience Angel’s help.




Before there is time that he has really close relationship God, 

because of stress from study, he prays urgently everyday on the way to school,
and he really expericing prayer answer and help from God. However, when problem
be solved, and the hard time passing, his prayer become less and don’t has close

relationship with God as before.  He wants to restore the relationship with God, even

though not many problems in his life now, he needs to be more awake.



During sharing time, we asked ‘is there anyone who have a good news?’and he put up his hand then shared prayer answer, which his insomnia disappeared naturally and

he is sleeping early and get up early daily now. Today he shared that he felt God’s

love through Matthew 7:7-11, part where talking about evil father give good things to

their children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give good gifts to those who ask him. And he shared that his attitude about prayer is changed as well. Before,

he prayed with heart like this ‘if God answer, that’s good but if doesn’t answer,

that’s ok as well.’But he realized that when we pray, we need to pray with faith that

he will answer us.




there were 6 new comers in last service

many new comers accepted jesus in theire heart

And we heard that a member got prayer answer about his insomnia

it was so grateful things from god for workers

we can't stop praying for our branch!

see you at next posting !!






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