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25 Jonathan은 22년동안의 마약중독을 끊고 새삶을 살겠다고 예수님을 영접하였습니다. / Jonathan accepted Jesus to end his drug addiction that lasted for 22 years and live a new life. file Hosanna 2019.02.13
24 Pelli는 왜 이스라엘 백성들이 가나안땅으로 들어가야했는지 처음으로 깨달으며 전도의 의지를 보였습니다. / He understood why the Israelites had to go into the land of Cannan and showed his will to evangelize. file Hosanna 2019.02.13
23 Padya는 인간의 힘으로는 절대 하나님을 만날수 없음을 듣고 눈물을 흘리며 영접했습니다. / After he heard that we can never meet God by human efforts, he shed tears and accepted Jesus. file Hosanna 2019.02.13
22 리카는 하나님의 인도하심과 간섭으로 초청되었다고 말하였습니다. / She said she was invited by God's guidance and providence. file Hosanna 2019.02.13
21 Scott은 병원진찰을 위해 대기하는 과정에서 하나님의 간섭을 느끼고 기도응답의 확신을 고백했습니다. / He felt God's providence and confessed and assured that it was his prayer answer in the process of waiting for his turn during a hospital visit. file Hosanna 2019.02.13
20 Pelli는 다른 종교들과 비교할수 없는 예수님만이 참된 구원자임을 고백했습니다. / He confessed that only Jesus is the true Saviour who is incomparable to other religions. file Hosanna 2019.02.13
19 Dawson은 자폐가 있어 말을 전혀 못하지만 예수님이 자기 안에 있다는 것을 글로 썼습니다. / He can't speak at all due to autism but he told us in writing that Jesus is in his heart. file Hosanna 2019.02.13
18 자신은 죄를 짓지 않았는데 왜 자신이 죄인인지 물었습니다. / He asked why he was a sinner when he did not commit any sin. file Hosanna 2019.02.13
17 교회 정착을 한 Rogalia는 그리스도의 참된 의미를 알게 되었다고 합니다. / He's settled in the church and said he understands the true meaning of the Christ. file Hosanna 2017.10.06
16 Pelie는 그동안 왜 우울증을 앓고 많이 힘들었는지 알게 되었다고 합니다. / He now understands why he has been suffering from depression until now. file Hosanna 2017.10.06
15 Ai는 지금도 아이를 다시 데려오려 싸우고 있다고 합니다... / She is still fighting to take her child back. file Hosanna 2017.09.14
14 Seid는 사단의 손에서 인간을 구원하신 그 예수님이 내 인생에서도 구원자이시라고 고백하였습니다. / He said Jesus who saved humans from satan's hand is the Saviour of his life. file Hosanna 2017.09.14
13 Jessie 할머니는 지는 50년 동안 담배피고 육체를 위해 산 시간들을 회개한다고 눈물을 글썽였습니다. / Jessie was filled up with tears in repentance of her life of living according to her flesh, smoking for the past 50 years. file Hosanna 2017.09.07
12 Seid는 몇 달만에 정상적인생각과 마음을 갖은 하루였다고 하였습니다. / He said that he was able to have normal thoughts and normal heart in a few months. file Hosanna 2017.09.07
11 힌두를 믿는 친구들에게 빨리 예수님을 전하고 싶다고 하였습니다. / he shared that he want to share the gospel to his friend who believe in Hinduism as quickly as possible. file Hosanna 2017.09.07
10 참석자들이 브랜치 예배를 좋아해서 정시보다 10분 전에 도착합니다. / because they liked coming to branch, they come 10 minutes early before the branch begins. file Hosanna 2017.09.07
9 Yen은 3달만에 브랜치에 돌아왔습니다. 그리고 기도 응답을 나누었습니다. / she was finally able to join us again after 3 months. and shared she received prayer answer. file Hosanna 2017.09.06
8 Jessie 할머니는 “나 교회 다니는데, 말씀이 너무 좋다. 너도 꼭 와봐라” 이렇게 전도를 했다고 합니다. / “I go to church, and the message is very good. You should come too” This is how she said she invited. file Hosanna 2017.09.06
7 한해 나에게 주시는 말씀카드를 뽑으며 아이처럼 기뻐하였습니다. / we picked out our yearly message bookmarks and rejoiced as if we were kids. file Hosanna 2017.09.06
6 나이는 20살이 넘었지만 지적 능력은 초등학생인 Sherrie가 전도 중에 함께 기도하자고 하였습니다. / Although physically in her twenties, she only has the intellect of a primary school student and she asked if we could pray right now together during evangelism. file Hosanna 2017.09.06
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