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187 20 Thanks to Mother - Korean V2 Paul Kim (Video) Hosanna 2022.06.28
186 (The Laymen Seminar Testimony) I want to give my life to God not in the twilight period but in the time of my youth, the golden period. (Video) Hosanna 2022.06.28
185 20 Thanks to Child - KOR V1 Shepherdess Keumhee Kim (Video) Hosanna 2022.06.28
184 (House Church multiplication branch ceremony Testimony) CHN V2 Christine (Video) Hosanna 2022.06.28
183 (Shepherd Appointment Testimony) KOR V4 Oliver YUN (Video) Hosanna 2022.06.28
182 (Shepherd's Husband appointment Testimony) CHN V4 Tommy (Video) Hosanna 2022.06.27
181 (Shepherd Appointment Testimony) ENG V1 Marc Dominic Aquilon
 (Video) 1 Hosanna 2022.06.27
180 (The Laymen Seminar Testimony) it seemed God wanted me to offer him the golden period of my life, the busiest time of my life with two children. (Video included) Min민화 2022.06.20
179 20 Thanks to Father&Mother - Eng V2 Elysia's HC, Sophie (Video included) Min민화 2022.06.20
178 (The Laymen Seminar Testimony) "God, I really want to run away. Can’t I attend a different church other than a House Church?" (Video included) Min민화 2022.06.14
177 20 Thanks to Father - Eng V2 Kailun's HC, Belinda (Video included) Min민화 2022.06.14
176 (The Laymen Seminar Testimony) ‘Hannah, You are a shepherdess who was sent to Melbourne, belonging to heaven.’ (Video included) Min민화 2022.05.30
175 20 Thanks to Mother - Korean V4 Shepherd Holim Yun. (Video included) Min민화 2022.05.30
174 (The Laymen Seminar Testimony) He said that saving souls and sacrificing, persevering, and enduring for the souls on this earth is the long martyrdom that we are doing right now.(Video included) Min민화 2022.05.15
173 (The Laymen Seminar Testimony) I think I have to admit that that is the time of my growth, the glorious time that the long martyrdom begins.(Video included) Min민화 2022.05.15
172 (Baby dedication) I wanted to find out who I am, what I am living for, and what I should do with my life, free from the things I can never change on my own. (video included) Min민화 2022.05.07
171 (Baby dedication) When I encounter any small difficulty, I pray immediately. (video included) Min민화 2022.05.07
170 (Baptism Testimony) The answer I had been looking for finally was found. (video included) Min민화 2022.04.21
169 (The Laymen Seminar Testimony) and I cried a lot as I was reminded of the words that God recognizes my hard work more than anyone else as I do this house church. (Video included) Min민화 2022.04.15
168 (The Laymen Seminar Testimony) How did she serve for 8 years? She did not give up until the end and.. (Video included) Min민화 2022.04.15
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