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150 (Gospel Class Testimony) Because these can really help me establish an intimate relationship with God. (Video included) Min민화 2021.12.01
149 (Sunday Service Testimony) Tears did not stop running down and as I continued to read the Word, I was very surprised. (Video included) Min민화 2021.12.01
148 (Hug Ceremony Testimony) I lived by asserting that there was no place I could lean on in this world... (Video included) Min민화 2021.11.22
147 (Baptism Testimony) Lord, please accept my dedication and guide me so that I can be received as a faithful daughter of God. (video included) Min민화 2021.11.15
146 (Baptism Testimony) it felt like I had wandered for a long time and then returned home. (video included) Min민화 2021.11.15
145 (Pastor’s Conference Testimony) Lord, please accept my dedication and guide me so that I can be received as a faithful daughter of God. (video included) Min민화 2021.11.15
144 (Sunday Sermon Grace Sharing) I gave the gospel & gift pack that was made by the village to one of the trainee at work. (video included) Min민화 2021.11.15
143 (Living Life Class Testimony) And letting my time of faith to flow again after being stopped for the past 3 to 4 years. (Video included) Min민화 2021.11.11
142 (Gospel Class Testimony) I also had time to reflect on myself, and I have more time to get close to God, (Video included) Min민화 2021.11.08
141 (Living Life Class Testimony) I realized that, being able to wake up for morning prayer even though I only had 3 hours of sleep and woke up several times in between...(Video included) Min민화 2021.11.01
140 (Sunday Sermon Grace Sharing) and I need to protect each and everyone of those God has sent into my life with my life.. (Video included) Min민화 2021.11.01
139 (Sunday Sermon Grace Sharing) but relying on the power of Jesus to preach the gospel, this is the way to survive. (Video included) Min민화 2021.10.26
138 (Sunday Sermon Grace Sharing) I realise that the way to share the joy with others is to tell them the gospel accurately. (Video included) Min민화 2021.10.26
137 (Sunday Sermon Grace Sharing) I want to put my heart more into the spiritual diary and be like David... (Video included) Min민화 2021.10.19
136 (Workers Meeting Testimony) I am in the lockdown, but God has reminded me of people who are locked up even longer than me. (Video included) Min민화 2021.10.13
135 (Workers Meeting Testimony) Despite of lockdown not being lifted yet, the reason why God has connected us with those who do precious ministry seems to be God's sign (Video included) Min민화 2021.10.13
134 (Workers Meeting Testimony) I used to just walk in church wanting to avoid people... (Video included) Min민화 2021.10.13
133 (Workers Meeting Testimony) I realised that it wasn’t I who offered a gift, but God was the one who gave me a gift. (Video included) Min민화 2021.10.12
132 (Sunday Sermon Grace Sharing) there is no security or guarantee for my future if God does not protect me. (Video included) Min민화 2021.10.04
131 (Sunday Sermon Grace Sharing) That love cannot come from within me. I have made the decision to stand in front of the gospel again...(Video included) Min민화 2021.10.04
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